Amber (A.R.) Draeger's Newsletter

Welcome and thank you for expressing interest in what I have to say/write/etc!
Why you have such interest is beyond me, but as you do, I must be a good little author and attempt to entertain you with nice newsletter exclusive ramblings, such as excerpts/deleted scenes/outtakes and even *GASP* a sneak peek into my first drafts, that those poor souls who do not choose to divulge their e-mail to me.
*Your contact info is important to me. I will not share you with others. I am possessive like that. You are mine now. Mine.*
*I will not spam you. I will tell you when my next <insert something cool here, like novel> is coming out or if there's an awesome giveaway going on. And should we grow apart...should you find that our relationship is.. lacking...then you may unsubscribe at any time.*
Hugs and stuff.

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